A Dream Come True

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

So a while ago I saw a video about a nine year old who built his own arcade in the front room of his dad’s auto parts shop in east LA, and i wanted to bring it up again. Its a really cool video, but I will sum it up for you. Basically, this kid, named Caine loves arcades, so he decides to build an arcade game out of extra cardboard and duct tape that he found in his dad’s shop. He keeps building different games until the whole front room is lined with big cardboard games. Now, I know what you’re thinking. This kid is nine years old, it’s probably just a bunch of boxes stacked on top of each other with tape. But by thinking that, you are underestimating the ingenious of a nine year old with nothing else to do and a lot of time on his hands. These games, though he has to manually preform functions because of lack of electricity, are designed like regular arcade games. He has tickets and prizes, and actually sells fun passes. Some games include soccer, basketball (which he made from a hoop he won at the local pizza place), and,most famously, a claw machine. But there was one little problem: not many people visited that part of east LA, and most were too busy to stop and play games. Until one man. He came in and bought a fun pass and played some games. The next day he came back and played some more and the next day after that. This man thought that the kid was brilliant, and decided to set up a day where tons of people came to play games.


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