the best people in life get the worst lots

It’s interesting what we think of when we ask ourselves the question of who inspires us. Usually you might think of a political figure, a coach, a friend, a relative, a pastor. In my life, there have been quite a few people who have inspired me, but when I thought about the person I wanted to write about right now, someone different came to mind. He is not your every day cookie cutter sort of person. In fact, this boy was quite different. You see, Peter, a young man in a class that I was an aide in, was autistic. What struck me about Peter was that he was always so positive. He had an amazing energy about him that made you feel happy. Although he was often frustrated because of his limited abilities, he always pushed forward and kept a positive attitude. Peter had dreams and determination. He wanted to write a script that he planned on submitting to John Travolta. This script was very detailed and he used the people in his life to inspire the characters. Apparently, I had made an impact on him with the help I gave him when we were in the class together. He named one of the characters in his script after me. I was touched deeply by that gesture. That year I received the special education aide award. Peter came to the ceremony and helped present me with a certificate and flowers. It’s hard to describe how that made me feel. You see, I started out working in that classroom to help the kids who were less fortunate than me. But in the end, this extraordinary young boy helped me. I started looking at the world a little differently. He helped me to be compassionate towards others who were struggling. He also helped me to see that no matter what obstacles are placed in front of you, you have to stay strong and persevere. So next time you try to think of someone who has inspired you, take a look around at all the “ordinary” people in your life and realize that everyone you cross paths with affects your life in one way or another. You can draw inspiration from the smallest things in life.


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