fear factor

What scares you the most? Is it that giant roller coaster, the thought of Freddy Kruger visiting you in your sleep, or spiders? Is it Pennywise the clown, who pops up in your nightmares every time? All of these can be pretty scary, hair-raising, or chill-down-your-spine inducing, but these unfortunately can seem very tiny, and almost cuddly, in juxtaposition with some more alarming issues.

 I know this sounds weird, like who wouldn’t be scared if Chucky suddenly appeared in your room, right? Well, even the monster under your bed would be frightened by this experience most young adults go through every day.

School- the most dreaded thing in a teenager’s life. For some school is a chance to learn and socialize with friends, while for others it is a battle to get through every day. You might think this is just because it can be boring. It’s not. It’s actually quite the opposite. School can get very stressful, so much that it becomes unhealthy.

 Even if teachers only gave a half an hour’s work of homework, kids would still spend three hours, at least, on homework. That seems like an okay amount right? But the fact is, most teachers give more homework than that. More like five or six hours worth of work. Which, if you play a sport, can be way too much. I for one don’t get home from track practice sometimes till 5:30. Then I have five or more hours of homework to do, and on top of that I have to eat dinner and do chores. That can get very stressful. 

On top of that, there is even more pressure from parents and teachers. To do well on tests and homework, so you can get good grades, so that you can go to a great college, maybe even get a scholarship, so you can graduate and then get a job. Plus they force you to have to choose what you are going to do for the rest of your life when you aren’t even legally an adult. This is proven to be enough to cause panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies in too many teens all over the country.  

School isn’t about learning anymore, not in the ideal sense. It’s about learning how to pass. We are creating better bullshitters, not better thinkers. 


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