Watch Amy Schumer Tackle Police Brutality, Body Image and Dog Owners

I just love Amy Schumer’s new show because it takes real life problems and politics and takes them from a corner where they normally wouldn’t be seen or talked about into a form of media that everyone likes to watch. Whether or not people agree is overlooked because of the humor, but I still believe that this show is important because it raises these complicated topics into a real life conversation. Personally, I am proud of Amy Schumer, especially as a female comedian, and her show. It speaks up about the “unspeakable,” but I think it is a wake up call to America, and the world, that these things DO need to be spoken about. And that means A LOT MORE than they are now.


The dog moms on Inside Amy Schumer prefer to treat their pets’ problems with the usual vet-approved medication. You know, Prozac, Xanax… Valtrex.

In this clip from Comedy Central’s hit series, the women dropping off their pups at Doggy Daycare swap stories of doggy-issues, and how they each rescued their furry companions. While one survived Hurricane Katrina (and was found stranded on a roof with an orphaned boy), the other needs a wheelchair following police-related incident. Amy’s dog, on the other hand, just really can’t go on Twitter.

“Addison has advanced staged FOMO—fear of missing out,” says Amy. “I had to completely take her off social media. It’s too stressful.”

Schumer hasn’t shied away from hot-button issues this season, already tackling misogyny, beauty standards, and aging in Hollywood, among others. Inside Amy Schumer airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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