Reflection: My Blogging Experience


I was a little hesitant about the blogging experience in the beginning. To put your personal thoughts and opinions in a forum where so many people could view them was a little intimidating. I am not unfamiliar with social media sights. I often read other peoples writings and comment on them. But to have a blog where actual people who knew me could see my writing was different. What I learned is that there were many people who were actually interested in what I had to say. I found it exciting that people from other countries were actually viewing my posts. For the most part, the response was positive.  I also realized that not everyone needs to love or appreciate everything I have to say. I let the experience allow me to expand my own opinions. I think it started to give me confidence in what I had to say, and not worry so much about what others might think. I also learned that I needed to be responsible in the message I was sending, because many different people end up looking at these blogs and I wanted my message to affect them in a positive way. Blogging is a great way to reach out to others. It not only can be very therapeutic, but I know there are people who make a living off of blogging. Also, as I searched for information to include in my blogs, I gained a lot of knowledge about many different subjects. The thing that I found worked best for me was actually writing about something I cared about and had some knowledge of.  One example is this post. That being said, there were a few subjects that I had to research because I had little experience with them.  The thing I would probably try to do a little differently is to try not to take everything so seriously.  I would try to just accept that my writing is just my opinion and everyone has there own way of expressing their thoughts. My main advice for next year’s bloggers is don’t be afraid to express how you really feel and think. It is very freeing. Be open to many opinions – it helps you to see things more clearly and form your own opinion.

To Mr Theriault,

What I would like for you to do differently is possibly grade the blogs a little sooner. I realize that you have so many students, and this type of work is not easy to evaluate, but I could use the feedback to improve future blogs. Overall, I really enjoyed being in your class.  It’s fun to look back at the blog and see the things I found important. Thank you for encouraging me to stay. I will continue blogging in the future.


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