Super Mario Smash Brothers BRAWL: A Reflection

Hey guys,

This is a reflection on what I learned doing a BRAWL in my English class.

What I learned:

That you can start off debating about war and end up debating about capitalism and arrogant rich dudes, which oddly enough are actually closely related.

That Mr. Orm is a sassy pants with loads of grey hair and Harry Potter glasses..

Embedded image permalink

That school is more awesome (a.k.a. FREE) almost everywhere else but the U.S.

That once someone else buzzes in, half the class has to participate, even Mr. T.

That you can freely debate topics without having any notes. This came from my group just discussing the entire period and not writing anything down. This, however, was very beneficial, because we had discussed the topics so thoroughly that we knew what to say. We made lots of personal connections, as if we were just talking as friends about life and not about the BRAWL questions. I also thought that the teams who had whole paragraphs written down and were reading them did not seem as knowledgeable about the subject, and also did not seem as ready to counter the other groups arguments.

What I did:

As a group we collaborated on each question together. In the first BRAWL, I was chosen as the first speaker. Although I was nervous to try to counter the other group’s arguments, I feel that I did a good job. I did not debate in the second BRAWL, but I did buzz in and added some commentary on facing your fears.

This is a picture of our first brawl, on whether it is better to be feared or loved as an authority:

Embedded image permalink

How it connects:

One of the questions asked if it was acceptable to put your needs before someone else’s life. In some cases, I would say no. However, in junior guards, we were taught that the answer is always yes. When saving someone, you don’t want to do anything to endanger your own life, because that would mean two people need saving instead of just one. You can’t help anyone if you are hurt yourself, and it just creates an even bigger mess. One example was if you were in the water trying to save someone, and they were pulling you under, to kick them off and let them drown for a minute. Well, I’m just kidding about the minute part, but you would wait a few seconds, then tell them to grab onto the buoy and to calm down. This would be better than that person drowning you both.

I felt that almost all the questions connected to the outside world and the global conversation, but this example was one of the ones that related the most to me. I had lots of fun doing the BRAWL, and it is something I would definitely do again.


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