Vietnam War Blog #2



Ngo Dien Diem


“Follow me if I advance! Kill me if I retreat! Revenge me if I die!”


Ngo Dien Diem, otherwise known as Ngo Đinh Diem (3 January 1901 – 2 November 1963) was a former mandarin of the Nguyễn dynasty, a Prime Minister of State of Vietnam led by Bao Dai since 1954. In October 1955, he established the first Republic of Vietnam (RVN) in South Vietnam under United Staes administration. The regime’s relations with the United States worsened during 1963, as discontent among South Vietnam’s Buddhist majority was heightened due to Diem’s harsh policies and much brutality.  In November 1963, after constant religious protests and non-violent resistances, Diem was assassinated, along with his brother, Ngo Đinh Nhu. The assassination led to the end of the US-Diem alliance and the collapse of his regime as well as the first Republic of Vietnam.



A Buddhist monk burns himself to death in resistance to Diem’s brutal policies.


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