All About Me (Kinda)

well, hello there. i see you have wandered onto my page and are now probably wondering who i am. good luck figuring that out. for certain personal reasons i will not disclose a few pieces of info with you, but you will have to do without. i actually hope the mystery intrigues you as you explore my blog.

a few important things about my blog:

i post what i want, and i dont want any sexist, racist or otherwise mean comments. if you offend me enough you may get the special chance to listen to me yelling at you over the inter-web in the form of a rant. just please dont give me that opportunity.

ummm so yeah

i guess some info about me?  i love writing… and reading… and just books in general… i play softball and i run track. i love the beach, like LOVE the beach, but my surfing skills are in progress. idk be prepared for lots of quotes… yeah…


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